What Can SlimLipo Body Sculpting Do For Me?

Laser body sculpting is the 21st century solution for contouring your physique and quickly achieving the body you want. SlimLipo treats your problem areas gently but firmly — removing fat and reducing irregular contouring. This highly-targeted laser lipolysis system is also ideal for smaller, hard-to-address areas like the chin, back or ankles.

The SlimLipo laser lipo procedure can remove excess fat and effectively sculpt most anywhere on your body — from your cheeks all the way down to the bottom of your calves — to create a more flattering figure. Learn more about some of the common areas of the body that can benefit from SlimLipo, and see results for each area below.

Target Areas

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“I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my SlimLipo™ surgery. It was much easier than I anticipated and was virtually painless. I am now able to wear shirts which are 3-4 sizes smaller than prior to the surgery. What a wonderful feeling.”

— SlimLipo Patient